Bad Poetry Friday

Keeping up with last week’s theme of bad country songs, here is another.


Mother c. 1994


My mother’s happiness was locked in a jar

without it she  couldn’t go far

The pills were like candy

she always had them handy

Til the day that they were gone

we never thought anything was wrong

She stole from Daddy

and then from me

soon we were out of money

Daddy worked from dawn til dusk

and I learned that mother’s pills were a must

Daddy begged her to stop

he pleaded each day

But Mama grew cold and faded away

Daddy drank to ease his pain

He messed with his life as it was a game

Daddy left after mama died

To God and myself I lied

Neither of them ever came back

too bad my life fell through the cracks

they saw their habits as a way of life

but it stabbed me like a knife

I turned to strangers and my life on the street

I did evil things to keep shoes on my feet

Til the day I met a man

I gave him my love and my hand

My life could have ended

Lord only knows how

But I thank you my mother for shutting me out.



This is a great song to celebrate Mother’s Day. God this is shit.

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