Mortification Monday

Today’s selection of six short entries span 10 days and include making mad cash babysitting, a new potential best friend, and of course more on the Justin/ Tiffany saga and my crush on Kyle.


Friday, August 26th

Justin needs to make some friends. He and Toff are a couple now but he calls me a lot. I babysat from 5:30-12. I called him and we talked on the phone for an hour. I told him I love him. Do I? Probably not. He’s Tiffany’s. Anyway he’s not that cute. I still like Kyle. Does he like me?

Saturday, August 27th

Dear Diary,

I stayed home and slept in instead of going to dad’s game. I was eating lunch and the phone rang and Mrs. G wanted me to babysit tonight. I did and got $13. I made $38 this week. Justin called again. he is driving me crazy. I told him to stop calling me. I am also starting a novel. Jennifer (my new friend) is Lutheran. Hopefully we’ll become best friends.



Sunday, August 28th

Dear Diary,

Today was the dumb pancake breakfast. I hate it. Next week Jennifer might come to church with me. I had to do yard work 😦 I hate it. Mom and dad treat me like a baby. I mean, what kind of bedtime is 9:00 on a weekend?



September 4th

Dear Diary,

Nothing happened this week, as if I could remember. Jennifer is spending the night on Saturday.



Monday, September 5th

Dear Diary,

My Labor Day stunk. I got up at 8 to go to a picnic breakfast at Seminole Park. What fun. We walked 2 miles.

Love. Danielle

Tuesday, September 6th

Dear Diary,

I was supposed to babysit tonight but Mrs. G. doesn’t need me. I call Jenn every night.

Love, Danielle

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