Bad Poetry Friday

Little Jane c. 1994

Little Jane sang like a bird

with the sweetest voice you ever heard

blue eyes full of fire

and she became my heart’s desire


In our separate worlds we rarely met

our souls were one, our bodies desperate

she lived inside her mind

wholesome and yet kind


Well Little Jane grew up

and I did too

The one day she spoke out of the blue

Her words were careful and full of fear

I watched speak to me through my tears


After that no words were said

and so I wondered if it was all in my head

But many years later I got a call

and I knew that Jane had her pitfall


So now I visit her by her grave

I was wrong to thing that she was straight

I loved her once

and I too will fade away


But our story has no end

what we had started off as friends

so no more tears will I shed

as I follow her to my own deathbed


Notes: I’m not quite sure what that hell this is: a song? a poem? I was obsessed with country music at 13, so I think I tried to write a few songs. This might be one of those pathetic attempts.

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