What to do now that NaNoWriMo is over: A 12 Step Program for Writers

First of all congrats to all who finished NaNoWriMo last Friday, or anyone who has recently finished writing their (first) novel.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What do I now that I’ve finished my first novel?” Here is my time-tested post-novel writing survival guide.

NOTE: Do not skip ahead to step 12 until you are absolutely ready. Revision takes time, people!

Step 1: Happy Dance. The worst is over.

My beautiful picture








Step 2: Panic. The worst is still to come.

Step 3: Sleep for 16 hours

My beautiful picture


Step 4: Take a shower. Wash that first draft filth from your body.


Step 5: Take a walk to help combat “writer’s butt.”


Step 6:  Call/ text/ email everyone you’ve been ignoring. As

sure them that no, you aren’t dead but you did just finish a novel.

Step 7:  Once the adrenaline high has worn off (it’ll last anywhere from 1 day to 1 year) think about revising.

Step 8: Freak out over revising that shitty draft.

Step 9: Put your butt in the  chair and revise that shitty draft.

Step 10: Do steps 1-9 until your book looks sparkly. Then send it to a beta reader or critique partner for input.

Step 11: Revise again.

Step 12: Draft a sexy query and send it to your favorite agent (more on this in the future).


Ta da! And you’re done.

Did I leave anything out?

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