Mortification Monday


Dear Diary,

I am locked in the bathroom with 2 packs of lifesavers, my cat KC, and my journal. I’m in time out. My life is a soap opera. I haven’t been asked out by Jimmy. Jos and George broke up but are back together again and David likes me but I don’t have feelings for him. I hate mom. She’s making me and K go to the neighborhood “potluck” dinner. Grandma is staying with us. I spent last night at the Gibsons’s house.

Love, Danielle


Dear Diary,

Okay here goes- Jos and George broke up. I had Krystal ask out Jimmy for me. He said no but we’re still friends. We got our van back. I missed the track meet because there weren’t enough rides. Went to Spanish Club. Krystal and I are good friends. She ate lunch with me today. K made me and her matching ankle bracelets. I have two pet rocks. I gave K Bobi and Harry. I think John S likes me but I have my heart set on Jimmy Lee. I gor a 103 on my book report. We had the same sub-Mrs. Banks- for three days. 1 day- Mrs. Robinson, science. 2nd day Mr. W- Language Arts and today Mrs. Davis- WC. I’m on restriction until Monday. We dissected grasshoppers today.

Love, Danielle


Dear Diary,

We dissected grasshoppers yesterday. I got a 103 on a book report. I have an A in Spanish. Found my clarinet book. Not much to say but I really like Jimmy Lee.

Love, Danielle  


1. I don’t know what’s more mortifying: the fact that I had pet rocks or that even in 7th grade I stillg ot put into time out in the bathroom.

2. I have no idea what Bobi and Harry were. Hamsters?

3.  As if you needed more proof of my dorkiness besides the country line dancing: Spanish club AND clarinet and I brag twice about dissecting grasshoppers and a 103% on a book report. No wonder Jimmy Lee wouldn’t go out with me.

4. This may be my longest crush yet. I hope it works out between us, though for the life in me, I can’t remember who he was or what he looked like. Time to unearth the middle school yearbook!

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