Mortification Monday

August 4th, 1995

Dear Diary,

I swam 42 laps today and went out on the boat. That was fun. I like the wind in my hair and the spray of the water. I didn’t want to drive it because it scares me. I didn’t wear a life jacket. Mommy would be mad if she found out. Just like T and I went on a bike ride today along the roads and side streets. I rode Papa’s bike without a helmet. Last night I had Papa’s pipe in my mouth and I breathed it in and it tasted like tobacco. Papa offered to light it but I said no. I’m never going to smoke ever. Tomorrow I go home. My sister will come up in the middle of next week. I’m going to clean my new room and buy new furniture. Last night we went out to eat and to Walmart. I mailed letters to Jon and Megan. I bought cat stationary and envelopes. Papa paid me a dollar to go up and get seconds of dessert. Right now I’m sitting on the floor watching TV. On Tuesday I saw Clueless with T. Nana dropped us off and left. When it was over we had no adult with us. I have never been dropped off at the movies before.



My parents were super strict.

One of my most favorite things about my grandfather, was that he wasn constantly paying me a dollar to do things like eat a second dessert or guess his middle name.

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