Mortification Monday

Tuesday, July 18th

I’m happy- I love it here , I’m in love, I’m in love. Good evening world-I love you. We played in the creek (Dad got some pictures of me on the rocks) and we car hiked. That was okay, but we met this old guy then went to this ugly ‘ole restaurant where they had okay food and the best peanut butter pie and they played country music. I took a quiet walk/hike. I’ve taken a lot of them, mainly to think of Jon and growing up and songs and stuff. We visited the people down the road (the ones with the two sons). Steven (the 11 year old) and my sister played and I talked with the adults about country music, baseball, the cabin. They called me Martina McBride. They live in Atlanta. My fav thing to do here at night is to lay on the swing listening to the familiar creeks of the the swing, the crickets, and the creek. I look at the stars and make a wish. I dream about Jon and the cabin. I watch the fireflies and remember the times I’d had at the cabin.




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