Mortification Monday

Monday, July 17th

Dear Diary,

My sister isn’t feeling well. She has a stomach virus or something. Daddy and I went for a car hike, while mom stayed home with my sister. We looked for a road where the creek runs by and we could put the tubes in. We drove around some old mountain roads. I saw 10 Baptist churches, a chicken farm, cornfields, and gorgeous mountains. Daddy and I did some errands and I bought some tapes to send vocal messages to Valerie and Jo and whoever else. I also bought a Brave hat. I still am acting nice. We tubed down the creek and me and some people who bought a cabin down the road. They have two sons – 11 and 15. Daddy gave me a hard time about the 15 year old. Luckily he isn’t here. I really don’t care since I have Jon, but I’ve had some pretty weird thoughts about the 15 y.o. I hope Jon doesn’t think I’m a nut. I just wrote what I felt and they were pretty deep. He probably doesn’t want to ever write me again. I don’t blame him. Everyone is is getting on my nerves.I want to scream. Lord do I need some time alone. I’m mad at mom because she uses a tone of voice I hate, then says stuff that makes me angry. Dad because he had gas attacks right near me when he he knows I can’t stand it when people make smells near me and he told me I was walking too far ahead. I was 10 steps ahead of my sister because she is doing things to aggravate me and is nosy and AHHHH!! It is so hard to be nice. All I want to do is yell.

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