Day in the Life of a Librarian

Because my day has been nothing but eventful here’s a snapshot of my day job:

Noon: Arrive to work for the closing shift after switching with coworker

Noonish-2 p.m. answer emails, doing boring stuff. Update my teen book displays

He doesn't shut up!
He doesn’t shut up!

  2:15: Take photos of new coworker

 2:20: Log onto Twitter

 2:29: Contemplate going on an emergency sushi and Diet Dr. Pepper run to ward off hunger pains.

 2:30: Go on an emergency sushi and Diet Dr. Pepper run

 3:00: Man the reference desk. Sign kids up for summer reading. Request people books. Load paper into the printers. Answer email.

4:00 Dinner break while trying to finish reading “Amity and Sorrow. 

5:00: Go back on reference desk and find patron waiting for me. It was an angry woman I helped last week when her e-reader wouldn’t work with the software. She came to apologize and bring me flowers for being so mean. Turns out it was a software glitch. It’s the first time in 10 years that anyone has apologized for being rude or brought me flowers.

5:40: Print out information for a patron. 

5:50: Teach a woman how to download e-books. Teach another woman how to look for DVDs we just purchased.

6:15: Catch up on my professional reading with 3 week old issues of Publisher’s Weekly

6:20: Phone reference with an old guy trying to find the manufacturer for a salt-free seasoning his wife bought a long time ago.

6:50: Order audiobooks for my favorite blind patron

7:00: Read Lemony Snicket’s “The Dark.” Contemplate using it for the first book pick in my Pretentious Picture Book Club

7:10: Update Goodreads and discover I’m 6 books behind schedule.Picture books count, right?

7:35: Chat with a mom of a teen about our digital scavenger hunt program

7:45: Check Twitter

8:00: Blog

8:20: Weed the large print collection while manning the ref desk

8:45: finish ALA prep

8:59: Kick everyone out of the library

9:00: Lock the doors and go home.

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