Bad Poetry Friday

Little Girl (c. 1994)

Little girl, she had a mom and a dad

so she learned to love

everyone she had

Taught to fear no one

and her parents said, “Little gir, go have fun.”

and she didn’t worry none


Little girl, not so little anymore

she forgot what laughing

and loving was for

She goes to school,

comes home and cries to the floor

she doesn’t speak or smile anymore


Not so little girl doesn’t have anyone

She doesn’t feel like having fun

All she thinks she can do is run

Her only escape was a loaded gun

Now little girl doesn’t worry none


But when you mix the tears and the violence

all you get is a deadly silence

Now that isn’t anyway to go

But you can’t live if no one loves you,

you know.


Notes: This feels very after school special.


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