Mortification Monday

The video is being a pain in the arse today. Rather than watch instantly, it wants to download.

MM Aug 7-9


Sunday, August 7th

Dear Diary,

I’m in love, I’m in love! The kid I talked to on the phone is Justin. He is so cute. I think I’m falling 4 him


Monday, August 8th

Dear Diary,

Justin is a jerk. So is Lyndsey, Brinn, and all them. A normal day [at camp] has breakfast 8:30, cabin cleanup, Care, Arts and Crafts, Lunch , FOB, and activity. I’m making dream catchers. I have so many new friends. Yesterday I thought he [Justin] liked me. His eyes just about popped out of his head. He smiled at me and held my hand during prayer at meals but now I’m not so sure. I gotta go-lights out.


Tuesday, August 9th

Dear Diary,

I hate Care- it is so boring. We went to Sliding Rock today. It was cold and it was kinda boring. I think Justin has a girlfriend. Her name is Nikki. I am much prettier than her. The outing was fun I guess.





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