Mortification Monday


Today is my sister’s birthday. Who cares. We have to go to dumb Inverness to visit Grandma. I lost my checks and birthday money. I’m on restriction until it is found. Mom is not with us.

On Wednesday we were in a car crash. I hope the man that hit us will rot in HELL! Here’s the story: mom was taking me to church. Mom and I were in the front and my sister and her friend were in the back. We were stopped at a red light on Bellaire and Keene with 3 cars in front of us when this old man wasn’t paying attention to where he was going and ran into us going 40 mph. My mom has neck injuries, her wrist, knees, and back hurt too. My back hurts too. My sister and her friend have stiff necks. We got out of the van (it looks really bad) and wait for the cops, ambulance, and firefighters. Mrs. Gibson drove by and picked me up and took me to church.




Notes: I remember that crash. It sucked.

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