Mortification Monday


Dear Diary,

The smell of cookies filled the air. Mom and sister were hard at workmaking baking cookies. No, I’m not in a cookie factory but in my kitchen on Christmas Eve. I watched from a distance for I was not allowed to cook because of a cold. Trays of sugar cookies sat cooling by the stove. I waited impatiently for the cookies to cool. I could practically taste the sugar cookies piled high with sprinkles. Mmmm- pretty soon we’d be hanging our stockings and putting those delicious sugar cookies piled high with sprinkles and a glass of 2 % milk out for Santa Claus and last but not least a carrot for Rudolf. My sister put out the cookies and milk out for Santa and I set the carrot for Rudolph on the coffee table. I hated doing this but if I didn’t- no presents from Santa.

Merry Christmas to you- to you a good night,


Words cannot describe the horror that is that entry. I’ll confess, as I retyped this I started laugh-crying and I may have snorted a little. What was I trying to write? *Snort*

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