My writing life: a typical day


6:00: Alarm goes off, cuddle with dogs in bed for as long as possible

6:15: drink coffee and look at Twitter. Consider skipping boot camp but since I skipped Monday because it was raining, decide to go.

7-8:15: Boot camp.

8:30: breakfast smoothie while I water the lawn. Wander through garden to see if anything is ripe enough to eat.

9:00: Sit down to work on edits. Housemate/ bff comes upstairs and we look at #myfriendsaremarried and dogshaming.

10:00: Move laptop down to office in basement to “be more productive.”

10:05- 12:00: edits, though look to see what is happening on Facebook and Twitter every 10 minutes.

12:00: eat leftover tomato soup. Decide that all the yellow tomatoes from the garden that I added make it taste faintly of soap. Finish it anyway.

12:30: resume edits. Fall asleep while sitting at desk.

1:00: take nap with dogs.

3:00: make popcorn in new popcorn popper (drizzled with bacon fat and canned parm. cheese) and watch 2 episodes of Major Crimes with Housemate/ bff and the dogs.

5:00: start prepping dinner. Listen to Jenny Lawson’s “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.” Eat dinner #1

6:15: walk dogs

6:35: leave for coffee shop to meet critique partner and writing friends

6:45: debate drink choices. Order chai tea because the flavor is called “Ginger Spice.” Spice Girls for the win! Order  Caprese sandwich for dinner #2.

7-9: work on current WIP. Brainstorm with writing partner “should they have sex or just fool around in the car?” “Why did they stop talk?”

9:15: get kicked out of coffee shop because it closing

9:30: meet housemate/ bff at a nearby pub for a round of trivia

10:15: pass out




4:45: Husband wakes me up because he can’t sleep. He heads to gym and work. I fall back asleep.

6:15: alarm goes off. Consider skipping boot camp but figure since I’m awake, I might as well get up.

6:17: drink coffee, look at Twitter

6:45: leave for boot camp. Nearly run over a jayrunner who isn’t paying attention to traffic. Figure hitting pedestrians is not a good way to start the morning.

7:00-8:15: Boot camp. Die.

8:30: Come home and mow lawn. Wander through garden decide that there are enough cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes to can and use.

9:15: breakfast smoothie. Talk to housemate/bff about crazy dreams.

10:15: head to basement with mug of tea to work on current WIP

11:15: cuddle break with dogs.

12:00 decide to break for lunch. Eat two grilled cheese sandwiches while canning pickles and pickled beans. Decide to roast tomatoes for dinner. Listen to more of the Jenny Lawson book.

1:00-3:00 resume edits/ writing

3:00: get mail. Nothing interesting, so pretty much a waste of a walk to the mailbox. Debate going to actual post office, but legs are too sore from boot camp to make it past sidewalk.

3:05: pick up where I left off in last scene

3:45: Make scrambled eggs.

4:00-9:00 drive to day job/ work

6:30: day job is slow. Edit writing partner’s chapter in preparation for Saturday writing session.

7:15-9:00: troll twitter/ Facebook/ internet for excuses to procrastinate. Beg someone to bring me a burrito. No one does.

9:30: arrive home and roast tomatoes for a late pasta dinner. Chat with housemate and husband about random things. Decide I’m too tired for a round of ping pong.

10:15: pass out in bed



I never said I was glamourous

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