Mortification Monday


Dear Diary,

I’m doing murder! Shawn and I planned to write love notes to Drew to get home back for making us mad. Serves him right.



Dear Diary,

Well I found love, or at least I think I did. Shorty, Eric Y. I probably misspelled his name but oh well. Get this, he’s in 8th grade! I asked him out. But its a long story. 

Lets start with the beginning. Monday 12-13-93 Krystal game me an Indian doll. I showed it to all my friends. At lunch I showed it to Liz, Dawn and everybody else at our table. When I wasn’t watching she (Liz) took it and hid it under the table. I left. She put it in Lost and Found as a joke. Someone broke it. Mark L. found it broken and returned it to me after I went to Mr. S. The girl Liz now wants to beat me up and cuss me out. I don’t care now. 

I don’t know when but Big Mouth gave a note to Liz to give it to Shorty from me. She read it and made copies and gave one to Shorty. Later on Wednesday people (Shorty’s friends) came up to me and said Eric said yes. I didn’t know what at first but then I found out. On Thursday Eric told me yes, So now we are going out. Mark L. has been beat up 3 times by 6th graders in 1 week.

More for later,

Thoughts on the entry above:

1) The mystery of Shorty has been solved, but still no clue who Bigmouth is.
2) The drama with Liz is a total MG/YA story waiting to happen. I don’t think she actually beat me up because I reckon I would have remembered it.
3) The whole copies of the letter? Totally E. Lockhart’s The Boyfriend List.Read it.
4) I feel bad for whoever this Mark L. guy is.

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