Bad Poetry Friday (with music videos)

As a teenager in the ’90’s I was obsessed with a lot of bands/ singers like the Spice Girls, Alanis Morrisette, and for awhile The Cranberries.  The following piece of bad poetry is a blatant ripoff of “Linger” mixed with a little of Natalie Merchant’s “Jealousy.”

There is no date on the poem, so I’m going out on a limb and saying it was written in the spring of 1995, during my freshman year of high school. As you can tell I liked a boy (obviously) and he liked another girl. I only vaguely remember the boy and his name is long forgotten. Story of my life from 1994-1998.

Over You c. 1995

I once thought I loved you

but then I learned the truth

you never knew how much it hurt

when you treated me like dirt

and then I found out the little secret that you kept…


Is she prettier than me?

Is she smarter than I’ll ever be?

Is she popular or is she trendy?

Does she have you wrapped around her finger?

Are you eating out of her hand?

If that’s the way it stands

then I guess I’m over you.

Yes, I’m finally over you

I can’t believe it’s true

after all those tears

after all those dreams

you shattered with a single blow

I thought you might like to know

I’m over you

I’m not foolish

or at least I’ll never be

and don’t take it wrong

it’s not jealousy

if anyone should be explaining

it’s time to face the bitter truth

I can’t believe these words in my moutj

but my heart is over you.

You can watch the videos and judge my plagiarism for yourself:

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