Mortification Monday

Again, the diary entries are out of order, but at least I talk about Kyle.



Dear Diary,

I like Kyle. Dave Justice is getten married. Soon I’ll be at Nanas. Our turtle is so cute. My sister is sick. Well gotta go. I’m gonna watch baseball.




Dear Diary,

I am so happy. I got a Dave Justice baseball card. I really like Kyle. When he looks at me my knees get like jelly. When he smiles I melt. But the prob is we’re just friends. I’d give anything to go out with him. We talk All the time. But forget about baseball. Well soon T. will be here and then we go swimming.

PS: I finished all my [home]work.



Thoughts on the entry above:
a) I included both entries because they were very similar and short.
b) Fawning over Dave Justice really dates me. This was right before he married Hallie Berry and beat her. This was when he was hitting 40 home runs a year and the Braves were hot.
c) Every time I mention Kyle, there is a heart drawn around his name.

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