Tune in Tuesday: You Had Time

http://youtu.be/xz2tChEEZn8 This is another song on Avery's setlist in SECRET HEART. I've been a Ani Difranco fan for years and it didn't feel right not to have Avery play her music. Fun fact: in college when I hosted my Angry Girl Syndrome radio show I had a 5 o'clock Ani block when I would play … Continue reading Tune in Tuesday: You Had Time

Tune in Tuesday

http://youtu.be/8_7ZE7hguLY If there is one song that defines my current WIP it's CSS's (Cansei de ser Sexy) "Music is My Hot, Hot Sex." If Avery has one true love it's music. The Brazilian band never released an official video for this song, but you might recognize it from a few commercials.

Throwback Thursday

Fun fact: in college I was a DJ. Think Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect only not as cute or talented (singing) and the station was basically an converted closet. But I got to host my own shows (Top 21 Countdown, Breakfast Blend Morning Show, Local Music Meltdown, and my longstanding show The Angry Girl Syndrome … Continue reading Throwback Thursday

Rejection Playlist Volume 3, Track 10 “I Don’t Love Anyone”

This Belle and Sebastian song has been around awhile but I only recently heard it on the GIRLS soundtrack (which is AMAZEBALLS) and it's been haunting me in a good way ever since. In addition to this being perfect for the playlist, it's also quite handy to sing to yourself in line at the post … Continue reading Rejection Playlist Volume 3, Track 10 “I Don’t Love Anyone”