June is Pride Month and to celebrate it I am donating all sales of SECRET HEART to GLSEN because I am passionate about teens finding a safe space in schools. After June I’ll continue to donate part my sales to GLSEN as I have been since it was published last October. Over twenty years ago when I was in high school (yes, I’m old), my school didn’t have a Gay-Straight Alliance like Lion Pride. Had we had a club or alliance like that, my best friend and I might have felt more comfortable being ourselves because were with peers who understood us.

I’m also giving away copies of SECRET HEART as well! You could win one of three digital copies from Amazon now through June 30th. Also, from June 29th through July 10th I’m giving away two print copies of SECRET HEART on Goodreads.

And a plug (and plea) about leaving reviews on websites. It’s vital for any author’s success (not just mine) to have their book thoughtfully reviewed on websites like Goodreads and Amazon or even though your local library. If you love (or loathed) something, don’t hesitate to speak out about it. Your review might inspire someone else to try a new author (and yes, even thoughtful negative reviews help authors find new readers).

Happy Pride, y’all!

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