Secret Heart Playlist Track 7: Stadium Love

I don’t remember the first time I listened to a Metric song but I remember instantly falling head over heels with the Canadian band’s 2008 hit “Help I’m Alive.” If watch movies (and pay attention to the soundtrack/ score) they might be a familiar sound. Their music has been featured in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Fantasies (2009) is my favorite of their albums. I love the song “Stadium Love” which pits animals against each other and the melody is so infectious it’s dangerous.

Wanna make a bet
Odds are neck to neck taking off the gloves
Spider versus bat
Tiger versus rat, owl versus dove

Every living thing pushed into the ring
Fight it out to wow the crowd
Guess you thought you couldn’t just watch
No one’s getting out

Without stadium love
Without stadium love

“Stadium Love” felt like that kind of song Avery’s band Detonate the Gazelle would cover during one of their shows and I had to include it in the playlist.

Want more of the Secret Heart  playlist? You can find the songs here.

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