Mortification Monday

Thursday, July, 20th 1995

Dear Diary,

My favorite thing to do is sit in a rocker or swing and think. I like to do it at night when the lightning bugs come out or any part of the day. Sometimes I pretend that Jon is by my side, but usually I think about him or camp. Sometimes I dream that it’s just Jon and me up here, We talk or I sing. I’ve been making up songs lately. They don’t make sense but I don’t care. I’ve come to realize that I am beautiful. I may be beautiful to some and not to others. Jon thinks I’m beautiful and that’s all that matters. I hope he wrote me back and doesn’t think I’m crazy. I just explain how I feel. He can take it or leave it. I wish I could see him. I dream that he’ll come walking down the street and we’ll run to each other and embrace. And we’ll have this long, passionate kiss. I dream bout him at night. I think I’m really in love.




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