Mortification Monday

Friday, July 14th, 1995

Today is Daddy;s 37th birthday and two weeks ago, my first kiss. I wrote Jon. It was 9 pages long and in the letter I wrote what I felt, like how I loved looking into his eyes, being in his arms. How I loved the slow dances and I thought I’d melt when he kissed me. I told him my real name and I told him it was my first kiss. I didn’t want to lie. 

The cabin is gorgeous. The car ride yesterday was a pain in the butt. My sister is so annoying. She took my letters and tried to read them, lied and got me in trouble. Cody was good in the car. Better behaved than the both of us. I have a head cold. We went into town (McCaysville) to get a dog brush for Cody, medicine and a bandanna for me. I bet the town’s population is less than 200. I probably have more people in my neighborhood than in this town. We tubed down the creek. The water wasn’t that cold. I sat on a rock in a creek and thought if I were to have a honeymoon anywhere it would probably be here. I’m hoping in my heart that one day Jon and I will marry. I love him. I miss him. I think about him all the time.





If Jon writes me back after that confessional it will be a miracle. It’s cute that that 14 y.o. Danielle thought a Honeymoon in a cabin in the Georgia mountains was romantic. 28 y.o Danielle was smart and went to Hawaii. 

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