Mortification Monday

God this is embarrassing. I hope that Jon doesn’t remember me and never finds this blog.


Thursday, July 6th

Dear Diary,

I miss Jon. I’m in love with him. Almost everything I think about or song I hear, I remember and think of him. I can’t really picture his face but looking into his eyes. I mean we danced looking into each other’s eyes. Talk about intense. When I hear the song “When You Say Nothing At All” by Alison Krauss, the song (well one of them) we danced to, I stop what I’m doing and pretend I’m dancing with him. Last night I had a dream about Jon and a song “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.” I love Jon. I love Jon. I wrote him and I hope he writes me back. 

I went to a pet shop today to pick up hamster bedding when I saw 3 kittens. They were so precious, I wanted to take them home with me but I’m not allowed. They licked and nibbled and rubbed on my fingers and purred. I wish Willow was like that to me. But I think I gave her the impression when she was tiny that I was rough. I manhandled her and constantly picked her up to give her love. I still do but not as much as my sister does. The poor cat meows if she walks by. 

The Atlanta Braves are #1 in the AL East and #@ in all of the NL. The Reds hold first. The All Star Game is Tuesday the 11th. In 2 weeks we’re going to the cabin. We have to take Cody with us. That won’t be so bad. But I’ll be in the mountains- cool air and peace and peace. I miss Jon. I miss Jon. I’m in love. I’m in love.



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