Mortification Monday

Wednesday, June 28th

Dear Diary,

Today was Zoe’s and Forrest’s surprise b-day party. But we called it off. Today at breakfast I gave Nick my warm fuzzy but he refused it. He likes Carter but she does’t like him. Taylor is my friend. He wore my warm fuzzy. I was upset about the Nick thing. I got 2 B Jesus in a skit. I gave up on guys for awhile and I’ve decided to become a pastor. I wrote a song and gave it to one of the male counselors in PB. I can’t believe the week is half over. I don’t mind that no guy likes me. I wish I could see into the future.

Love, Danielle

Thursday, June 29th

Dear Diary,

I made a bet with some people that I wouldn’t talk all day. I was quiet for 7 hours. We wore our PJs to breakfast. It was a bonding thing. I can’t believe the week is almost over! I love it here. I’be made good friends- guys and girls, and met rad counselors. The sleepout was tonight. Michael threatened to kill himself but he didn’t mean it. It upset everyone. His dad was killed in a car accident. I fell asleep and was victim to Truth or Dare. Someone licked my forehead, kicked me in the head, and grabbed my foot. Some guy was supposed to grab me but he grabbed my sleeping bag instead. I met a really cute guy named Charlie (even though I gave up guys).

Love, Danielle


You got a two-for-one to set up all the drama for next week’s entry.

What happens at church camp stays at church camp.

Clearly I didn’t really give up on guys or become a pastor.

And yes, I used the word “rad.”

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