Mortification Monday

May 21, 1994


Dear Diary,

We Lost the championship softball game. I feel bad because it was partly my fault. I made the 3rd out and I missed a pop fly and I could have thrown someone out at second. Even though I’m upset about the SB game I’m happy. My pen pal Valerie wrote me back. In her letter she said that she was going to camp June 28- July 2nd. That’s the week I’m going. She might b in the confirmation part though, but I’ll still see her at meals , the dance, and every now and then. I mt her last summer at camp and and we’ve been corresponding since I’m on restriction until tomorrow. I can’t watch TV or have fun. I’m angry at Dad. Nana is here just for tonight  and is flying ti China for 3 weeks. I wrote a beautiful poem on the computer. Someday I’ll write it in here but I’d better go.

Love. Danielle

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