Money or Art?

Today I posed a question that’s been haunting me all week: do I follow the money or the art?

This was in regards to cutting down my dedicated writing hours (I average 12-15 a week) in favor of working more hours at a job that pays me with real money. 

I was torn. I don’t NEED the money, but I WANTED that extra cash to fund things like my pink hair and books and meals that I don’t cook. But I also didn’t want to sacrifice my glorious write dates with my writing boyfriend AR Kahler or time spent watching The Wire with my girls. I knew that bumping up my hours at work would mean cutting into my writing hours. I know plenty of people who write and work full time, but frankly I’m not waking up before dawn to squeeze an hour of writing in.

Then Alex reminded me: 

@DanielleDregerB ah. Do both?

@DanielleDregerB then no. Art. You are making a career of writing, you have to foster it


This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear/ be reminded of. Art first.


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