Mortification Monday

We’re going back in time to the summer of 1993 when I was Writer’s Camp. I never said my writing was good.

July 12th, 1993 

I awoke early. 5:59 a.m. Excited. Anxious. Nervous. Face it, I was having second thought about writer’s camp. Thoughts and questions rolled through my head. Would I know anybody? What were the other kids like? Were the teachers going to be mean? Well I found out my answers. I made lots of friends, found people I knew, I even made friends with my principal’s daughter. We wrote a draft and interviewed each other. The cookies were okay, but the juice…GROSS!!!! Last time I drink the juice here. The car pool in the morning was okay except I’m the only girl. We made it to CHS in 15 minutes. Wow! CHS is huge! I found K5 and 6 no problem. My name tag was picked up and I chose my seat next to Mrs. Welbon. Roll call and pairing up came next.

At the end of  school camp I said goodbye to my friends and climbed into my carpool. I was dropped off at my house. Home at last.



July 13, 1993

Dear Diary,

For the second time I woke up early. 6:19? I again was nervous. And upset. My carpool didn’t come until I left at 8:45. I was furious. We took a field trip to the pier. Safety Harbor. It was great. the others saw a manatee. We wrote stories when we got back. Juice and cookies are grosser than ever. My mom picked me up from W.C. I got a t-shirt. It rained this afternoon.




Writer’s Camp is like a journalism immersion camp for middle schoolers put on by the Pointer Institute. Only a handful of kids were chosen from each middle school in the county.

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