Mortification Monday


Dear Diary,

Let’s start with Monday. I had a softball game. Tues- my sister had a softball game. I stayed home and did homework. I read and watched TV, Wed- I acolyted. I hate it and couldn’t get the candle in. Today is St. Patrick’s Day. We went to Arrigotos for dinner. Two girls asked me if I like Jimmy. I said yes. Krystal and I think he likes me. Krystal asked me weird questions today. I went to the orthodontist. Yesterday was Jimmy’s birthday. He skipped school. On Monday I had to sit behind Lisa F. She smells.





Dear Diary,

My life is a mess. I asked out Than L and he said no. I think I’m over Jimmy. Krystal has been acting strange. Jimmy and I are like best buds. I chew gum at school. Tomorrow we leave for the cabin. Tracy says I’m a major flirt. Brooks H. says I’m a bitch. I’m mad at mom.





1. Well my crush on Jimmy had to end sometime. I first mention I like him on February and proceeded to crush on him hard for six weeks before giving up and asking out Than L, who if I remember correctly was in 8th grade. But a crush for 6 weeks in 7th grade is pretty epic.

2. I love that I think I’m so badass for chewing gum at school.

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