Mortification Monday


Dear Diary,

I am  so  embarrassed. I was acolyting  and I couldn’t get the candle in. The whole church was laughing. I think Jimmy may like me. You see today in Science he and Tyler were talking and they kept looking at me as I went by. Then Tyler asked me to put the hamster away. I did and they watched me then. Lauren’s party is Saturday. I can’t wait.






Dear Diary,

It is obvious that David likes me. He made a nice comment about my skirt and is always looking at me. The sub in Spanish took away some of my stuff and forgot to return it. We had a baseball game yesterday. We lost. After that I went to Lauren’s birthday party. It was a Mary Kay party. I got lots of makeup. I also had a basketball party yesterday at Celebration Station.  Jimmy does not like me. Tiffany  asked told him a lot of good stuff about me and he said he didn’t like me. I’m in time out.



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