Mortification Monday

Note: the entry below may be even more mortifying than last week’s underwear episode. As much as I wanted to, I did not edit anything out.



Dear Diary,

So much to tell-my major crush on Jimmy is still on! Though Tiffany scared him off with a note. In the note there were 2 people on top of each other and Jimmy + my name under it. At lunch Tracy went over to ask Jimmy out for me. She told him I liked him& I wanted to ask him out. He aid if I didn’t sent her out to ask him out the answer is no. I think that he likes me but he’s playing hard to get. Anyway I have another crush on Joslyn’s (my best friend) boyfriend! I’m hot for his bod! If they breakup I’m gonna ask him out. Jos & Steven were going out until one day Steve and Jos were frenching and he bit her lip and she dumped him.

I found out that Melanie and a bunch of my friends smoke. I don’t care but I’m surprised. I was an acolyte at church and I got an 8 on band Olympic. Yeah! I also got a letter from my pen-pal Megan in Michigan! I am glad she wrote me. We had a duck and cover tornado drill today in 1st. I hated it. I held Spike the Hamster. I am off my crutches since Friday and I am also on the track team. Mom went to talk to Mrs. Anderson (track, basketball, volleyball and country line dancing coach) about my ankles.

I can’t really think of much to say. But I’m in LOVE with Jimmy and George.


PS- Tiff and I have as notebook with each other.


1. To make it clear, Joslyn is now with George, not Steven, though I recall harboring a crush on Steven for years until he just disappeared one day.

2. 1st period was Biology or Life Sciences and I was in charge of feeding/ taking care of all the assorted animals every day. We never did actual work in class, just science crosswords and word searches.

3. That note thing happened to other people in  middle school, right?

4. And now that I think of it, Jimmy was not playing hard to get. He probably wasn’t interested.


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