Mortification Monday

Note: I’m about to share my most mortifying moment ever. I’ve only ever told one person about this and she laughed. Please be nice.


Dear Diary,

I’m worried, upset, and bored. I’m worried about what happened in Sunday School. See, near the end I looked under the table and there was a pair of blue underwear. They were near my seat. After Sunday School, a bunch of us were joking around about the underwear. When I told mom she said they (the teachers) could have put it under there as a joke. It could have been in someone’s pant leg.

It could have come from my pant leg. I also have a blue pair and since it was near me I’m afraid that people might think it was mine. It may be.

I get off restriction tonight. I can’t play softball for a month. My pen pal has only written me once. I can’t write her again until she writes me back. I’ve written her 3 times. I made my Valentines today. I also worked on my horse collage and finished it. I wish I could run, ride my bike, or do something outside. I wish to do something destructive.






1. It seems like I was always in trouble or on restriction (grounded).

2. That sprained ankle is really cramping my style.

3. Now that I shared my most mortifying moment I feel better. In retrospect it wasn’t that bad. Yes, that was my underwear that fell out of my pant leg. Yes, I was wearing dirty pants. But it could have been worse: it could have fallen out while I was in church in front of people. Now I always make sure to check my pants before I put them on.


4 thoughts on “Mortification Monday

  1. This came to me from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous-

    Danielle, I am so glad you shared your story this morning. This happened to me as an adult when I wore a dirty pair of jeans up to get my tire changed. I already feel inferior to mechanics because of their general manliness, and when I walked in the door to the shop and was explaining my problem, I realized I was tripping on something and reached down and pulled a dirty pair of boxers out of my pants leg where they were half hanging out. There was no hiding it from the guy and all the customers who were standing around listening to me, so I just finished explaining my issue while holding it like a flag and pretending like it didn’t happen.

    Well, everything is a little more mortifying if it happens during Sunday school.

    Actually, my favorite part of your story was that you weren’t even ready to say 100% in your entry that they were your underwear when you clearly knew the truth. That was making me laugh.


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