Mortification Monday


Dear Diary,

I wish I could run away. I am on restriction until next Monday morning. No music or phone! This is torture. Grandma’s so boring. I hate it.




Dear Diary,

Today is Garth Brook’s b-day. Brinn isn’t my real friend. She is so mean. I think Jimmy Lee’s real cute. I want to go out with him. I am watching AMA. I was awake until late last night. I scared my sister by telling her I wanted to run away.




Dear Diary,

I sprained my ankle Tuesday night. I went to the ER. Was on crutches. I hate life. On restriction ’til Sunday evening. Jimmy Lee has not been in school.





1. I can’t believe I knew when Garth Brook’s birthday was.

2. That was the first of many sprained ankles. I swear I sprain it at least once a year.

3. I was a serious troublemaker.

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