Mortification Monday


Dear Diary,
Happy New Year! True Love never lasts. Or is it that love that lasts is never true? Well it’s over between Eric and Me. It’s like we never went out in the first place. We’re still friends. Was an angel in church today. Boring. I have the biggest crush on Mike L. It started yesterday. I was at country line dancing class. I was talking to him when his friend says, “Mike likes you.” I go, “yeah right, it’s a joke.” Mike covers his face with his hands and says, “yeah right, a joke.” Later, another one of his friends says Mike really likes you. Today he walked up to my desk and hit me over the head with his poster, stands there and smiles. Then he leaves.


1. I have no idea who Mike L is or if he really even liked me.
2. I still can’t believe I willingly took a country line dancing class.

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