Mortification Monday

The ongoing drama of Kyle n’ Danielle


Dear Diary,

Well Kyle didn’t break up with me. He understood. Kyle walks me to my classes and we talk. Yesterday he walked me to my bus. We said goodbye.




Dear Diary,

I’m writin’ in the dark. Yesterday was Kyle and my 1st week anniversary! I gave him a nickname “Bashful” cause he’s so shy. My nickname is “Happy.” Bashful wrote me a note. It was so sweet! I talked with Tracy for one hour today. Half day of school today. Way cool!

Catechism is boring but fun. Mad as hell at mom.. Krystal beat the crap out of Gary today in 4th. Bloody nose. Referral and suspension. poor Krystal! If someone put ink in my hair I’d give them a fat lip, dislocated jaw, black eyes, broken nose, and more.




Dear Diary,

Krystal got suspended from school. 3 days! Gary showed up at school today. Mr. C. is leaving to teach 6th grade. I will miss him. I really like Kyle. I asked told him his best features were his eyes, smile, and dimples. I asked him what my best features was. He said my hair, when my face turns red, and my smile. Isn’t that so sweet? I think so.


Notes on the above entries:

1) Krystal and I were pretty tight but she was also kind of a bully. For the most part she had my back. She was in band with me. She played the trumpet or trombone. I don’t remember.
2) If I remember correctly hat kid Gary was a total tool. He had it coming. Not that violence is ever the answer but sometimes you have to defend yourself.
3) Fun fact: In first grade I broke a kid’s nose. My parents always said that if I boy tried to kiss you and you didn’t want him to you could punch him in the nose. So I did. This also happened my senior year in high school, only I just gave a guy a bloody nose.
4) Looks like Kyle and I are going pretty strong if he’s walking me to my bus and I’m giving him a corny nickname. But there might be trouble on the horizon.
5) Also, I don’t know why I would say Catechism was boring and fun. That doesn’t make a lick of sense.
6) I couldn’t tell you who Mr. C. was or what he taught. He made that much of an impact I guess.
7) I used to be really shy and get embarrassed easily. Whenever that happened my face turned bright red. It also turned that color when I lied. Fortunately, my emotions are quite as colorful now.

Will Kyle and I make it to our two week anniversary? That’s the big question.

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