Bad Poetry Friday

There’s something about me being lovesick that made me write scores of bad poetry. And for the record, I was lovesick a lot. The following three poems were all written in late December 1997. They are all written about the same guy, a counselor  at a summer camp I attended in the North Carolina mountains. It was totally unrequited love. Being 16 sucked. And yes, they are all equally terrible.

Nathan (12/97)

I’m an hour and six minutes away from you
I’m crying tears I swore were gone
What would you do if I came to your door again?
Would you be shocked?
Pleasantly surprised?
Kiss me open mouthed with tears in your eyes?

Untitled (12/97)
It’s 34 in Ashville
and I know you must be cold
It’s been six months
since I last saw you
Now it snows
It was was always sunny
that summer you broke my heart

Untitled (12/97)

I have the picture
from the day we left
tears rolling down my face
my heart about to break
You’re singing our song
You told me you loved me
I guess I was wrong

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