Mortification Monday

The entries are a little out of order, but hopefully the drama still makes sense.



Dear Diary,

I have a lot of things to say. First Kyle asked me out. I said yes of course. I feel so good. It all started one week ago. Krystal asked Kyle if he liked me. He said I was pretty, he liked me, but didn’t think I liked him. This happened in World Cultures [class]. After 3rd Jimmy asked me if I liked Kyle. I said yes. He said Kyle liked me and wanted to ask me out but didn’t want to ask me out.

Thursday nothing happened. Friday in band Jimmy asked if I wanted to go out with him [Kyle] I said yes. But when Jimmy told Kyle I liked him and said yes Kyle didn’t believe me so he was going to ask me out himself and he did.



Dear Diary,

I think Kyle may break up with me. I’m afraid he thinks I stood him up. I didn’t. I don’t really want to write now.


Thoughts on the entry above:
1) Seventh grade was hysterical with all the messengers running around “do you like him” and “he likes you.” There was so much drama for a bunch of thirteen year-olds who didn’t even hold hands.
2) This poor Jimmy must have been exhausted running back and forth.
3) I “played” bass clarinet in band. And by play I mean I pretended to play and let the kid next to me make all the noise. I was terrible.
4) I have no idea the things we learned in World Cultures. It sounds like a very early 90’s class.
5) Will Kyle break up with me? Guess you’ll have to come back next week to find out.

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