Mortification Monday


Dear Diary,

I’m so mad I could scream…actually I did. Into my pillow. I had a bad day.
1. I messed up on a math test major league! I think I even failed it.
2. I did just as bad on a Spanish test.
3. I am so mad at my sister. I am even pissed off at her.
4. Also I probably have to take Serteen instead of country line dancing.
5. I don’t have a diary anymore.

I have a 93.25 in Language Arts. I was stuck in the corner 3 times by mom. I have a baby turtle. I call him Antonio. Everybody else calls him “Little Guy.” My sister now has a fish and a turtle and I have nothing. Notcha. Zippo. K.C. the cat is an old hag. KK broke her ankle. I only have $9.25. Not enough. Babysitting the brats. Looking forward to it. Not. Well, mainly the cash.

See ya,

A few notes on the above entry:
a) My middle school offered country line dancing as an extra curricular, I kid you not.
b) I was obsessed with country music almost as much as I was about baseball.
c) I really didn’t hate babysitting. I totally stole the babysitting box idea from The Babysitter’s Club and took it whenever I babysat.
d) Four years later I got my own cat, Ally. She promptly knocked “Little Guy’s” habitat over and killed him.

A few corrections from my sister who apparently has a better memory than I do:

“Your recollection of the fact for D were slightly off (or just plain wrong). Yes, Ally did knock over Little Guy’s habitat once but we found him in the family room. it was YOU who killed him. He had a nice 10gallon tank until you dropped it while cleaning out your hamster cage. (yes you had pets of your own, you had Mulder and Scully or whatever there names were). Your hamster couldn’t live in its ball forever, so Little Guy got downgraded to his original pond that was too shallow for him, he would get flipped over and get stuck upside down. He drowned in his small cage…I just wanted you to have the correct facts and I just thought you should be reminded of what really went down.”

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