Bad Poetry Friday

I’m kicking off the weekend with three equally bad poems from my high school journals:

Remember You (date unknown, transcribed into a journal 4/11)

I don’t think about you
(as much as I used to)
only when I hear our song
Has it been that long-
Since we touched? Since we danced?
After goodbye you didn’t give me another glance.
Was I so naive to believe in happily ever after and forever?
I guess I’ll never have my name on your lips,
feel the touch of your fingertips
on my shoulder
My heart is growing colder

Untitled Magnetic Poetry Poem (2/11/1998)


Untitled (2/11/1998)

Sometimes I lose
my words in my throat
and I can’t speak
instead the voice of
what I should have
eats my soul away


You can stop laughing now. I never said the poetry was good.

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