WIP: Valentine

YA contemporary, “Valentine” (56,000 words)

How much of what you remember is true? This is the question eighteen-year old Claire asks herself while on the witness stand for the attempted murder she witnessed last Valentine’s Day.  It is told in a non-linear timeline covering a year and a half of the lives of Claire, Steven, and Mike, three teens whose lives change after the Valentine’s Day shooting.  At time of the shooting Claire has been dating Steven for years, but she soon falls for Mike, the victim of the attempted murder. Mike is hiding something about his past and Claire’s witness testimony at the trial will soon put all three of their lives in danger. Someone will wind up in the hospital, someone will wind up in jail, and someone will wind up dead.

It’s like 500 Days of Summer meets Law&Order and loosely based on an attempted murder Danielle witnessed at seventeen.

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