WIP: Drop the Mic


Seventh grader Jacob Cohen is an aspiring rapper. He’s also the only Jewish kid at an all Catholic Middle School. When the middle school talent show is announced his best friend Manny signs up as a way to debut his rap career. When bully Marcus sees this he challenges Jake to a rap battle. Jake believes that if he can beat Marcus in the battle Marcus will leave him alone. Jake just needs to come up with a legitimate rap moniker and a catalog of sweet rhymes which would be much easier if he wasn’t preparing for his Bar Mitzvah, and constantly playing Settlers of Catan with his best friends Manny and Emily.

The talent show is moved to the same night as his Bar Mitzvah. His classmates back out of the party. Jake decides to attend both events without his parents finding out. With the help of Manny he plots a way to stall the party. The scheme involves vegan beef jerky, fake diarrhea, and a tape recorder at the hotel where his Bar Mitzvah is being held.

Emily tells Jake that she likes him and Manny feels betrayed because he likes Emily. They fight and Jake makes it to the school in time to do the battle rap against Marcus. Marcus wins. In the audience are his parents, Emily, and Manny. Jake grabs the mic and invites everyone back to his party to come watch him become a man and eat vegan pizza rolls.